Changing pace from negative Cyber-terror post, lets recapture our fun. Today’s video is not music video, nor is it anyone playing at the beach.

It is very informative 8 minutes or so video, helping to explain the intricacies of Financial Markets Turmoil that occurred recently, including the infamous Sub-Prime Lending fiasco. British humor at it’s finest! Thanks, Marc, for the tip!


Now, once you watched it and ready for real educational part, and you do have some money you are saving for a rainy day, here are some of my personal investment tips:

  • Stay Away from any Fund that is called Enhanced, High or Structured. In other words, stay away from Hedge funds!
  • Don’t invest in anything which you can’t explain how it works. So do invest in CDs, and companies that you trust. Like my favorites of late Microsoft, Yahoo! and Kraft Foods. Use a company like ShareBuilder to simplify your investing.
  • Want higher returns and willing to take on some risk? Try Prosper loans marketplace. At least here you know exactly who you giving your money to, what is their income and credit score. Plus, they have 100% identity protection guarantee, so if anything fishy is uncovered, you get 100% refund of your funds.
  • Of course, good old 5.00% Savings Account is a simple option also