I hope you are checking out ‘Now Playing on My Netflix’ rubric on the right sidebar of my web site. Last week a movie Death at a Funeral was listed there, as it always shows the movies I have at home.

That movie is Hilarious! British humor at it’s finest, we laughed to tears, virtually non stop. And yet, it manages to come through as serious portrayal of a funeral, and perhaps a reflection on our lives and the choices we make while we are here.

5 Starts and endorsement from us! And the Happiness formula holds: you laugh = get happier!

PS: I have made serious enhancements to another open source Now Playing on NetFlix widget, resulting in what you see on my site. I am planning to open source it back to WordPress.org, just haven’t gotten around to it. Meanwhile, if you want it, just post comments below and I’ll gladly email it to you.

One comment on “Death at a Funeral is even funnier than the title”

  • Boris says:

    Your post is all true. Saw the movie during the flight to Canada.Laughed to tears and earned strange glazes from people around :-).

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