Home Depot ECO Options I am heading to local Home Depot, where finally it should be Easy to recycle those old broken fluorescent light bulbs. All of them contain Mercury, a very dangerous Cancer causing chemical, even in small quantities can be inhaled and cause all kinds of nasty things.

Over the years I have been collecting the light bulbs, planning to drive to an official recycling center, but there wasn’t one anywhere near us! About half a year ago, while shopping in our local Home Depot, I noticed their employees carelessly dropping several large fluorescent tubes into big trash can at the end of the store. Needlessly say I wasn’t happy. I asked them about recycling, and the manager asked WHAT? WHY? She had no clue, so I called corporate number and explained my concern.

I probably wasn’t the first, and recently Home Depot announced official Recycling Program! I have collected quiet a lot of bulbs over the years (staring at the box full of about 20), so I am happy to finally get rid of them, in environmentally friendly way.

Oh, and I may stop by AT&T store, which is right next door, and pick up an iPhone 3G. More on that later! And I am thinking of upgrading my blog this weekend to 2.6 WordPress, it’s about time. Ah, plans plans.

In other random happenings, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 about a week ago, and I plan to post on that also, including super simple install instructions, soon.

6 comments on “Finally – Simple Fluorescent Light Bulbs Recycling”

  • Boris says:

    Regarding the iPhone – buy one on my behalf too ;-).
    Regarding Linux – why did you end up with Ubuntu, instead of Fedora?

  • Boris says:

    Yeah, and of course thumbs up on Green thinking. I actually didn’t know that those bulbs are harmful…

  • Adi R says:

    Although Fedora did work at first, it boots up with message “Kernel failure occured during startup”. I didn’t like the sound of that…
    Plus I am used to Ubuntu, so decided to go back to that.

  • Mehul Vakharia says:

    Nice thinking there Adi. I liked your blog. I didn’t know this aspect of you 🙂

  • Natasha L. says:

    Go green!!!
    Is it in Atlanta only? I need to check if they have something similar in Dallas..

  • Adi R says:

    This should be National program! So if you have Home Depot there, they should accept the lamps for recycling.

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