The title is all you need to know. The special price only at your local MicroCenter store and only for 3 days. Of you don’t have one, check local Costco. Or, I will have a link to Amazon, which promised to deliver on Oct 22, on here later today.
Posting from my iPhone, so signing off now.

3 comments on “Windows 7 – only $40 at MicroCenter or $45 at Costco”

  • Fox says:

    I know you’ve been “playing” with Windows 7 for a long time now, so, should I buy it for that price?
    Should I buy it at all?
    Won’t sales be limited to “1 copy per household”? 😉

  • Adi R says: offers 3 per household right now, so I am heading there to order my second copy.

    If you can get it for $50, I think it’s a good idea to grab one at least. The offer is until July 11, after which it will be around $110 or so.

  • Fox says:

    Well, then order 2 and we will share shipping :-).
    By the way, Windows 7 will also have different flavors, like “Basic” and etc. ?
    And which flavor you get for $50?
    If it is not the “Ultimate”, I might pass…

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