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Today I remembered a curious little application, which I wrote back around 1989, if memory serves me right. So, decided to document this for the future generations and you, loyal readers. Back then, in mostly age of DOS, it occurred to me that one can easily create “An Engine” which could easily be reused in… Read More

So Adobe Reader 9 is here, and someone somewhere claimed, for whatever reason, that it is actually faster to start. Being brave (read: foolish) soul that I am, I went directly to Adobe site to quickly download this latest marvel of modern technology. To summarize the next few paragraphs, or if somehow (strangely) you don’t… Read More

I am glad to see I called this one correctly. Looks like tipping point for H.264 is finally here, and hopefully the support across the industry will accelerate from here on. The big news today is from Adobe, announcing that their up and coming Moviestar player will support this high quality codec, allowing video quality… Read More