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This famous ship sailed the seven seas for years and years. It rode the waves up and down, and often seemed like it will capsize, but it managed to survive. The ship’s crew has long lost hope of finding the promised land, depressingly they pressed on, forgetting why they embarked on this voyage to begin… Read More

Forgive the loud title of this post, but I promise that it is totally relevant! For the past few weeks I have tremendously enjoyed several audio-books from my local library. Our local Gwinnett county library had Digital Downloads for a long time via OverDrive Media Console. However, the big breakthrough is my discovering that they… Read More

Adobe Flash Platform got some bad press lately, and its exclusion from iPad is a major slap in the face to Adobe by Steve Jobs himself. Even though millions of sites out there (including this one) use Flash to liven up things and provide extra interactivity, Apple is willing to leave users to stare at… Read More

I just couldn’t resist the title, it’s just too funny. But on a serious note, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform is in serious trouble. Rumors flamed up again about Microsoft making their own MS branded hardware device, presumably with Zune functionality built in. In my opinion Microsoft really can’t blame the OEM’s this time (like they… Read More