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In the future, there will be No More Files (and most likely No Folders either). Have I completely lost it, you probably wonder just about now? All modern Operating Systems, from latest Linux to upcoming Windows 7 or Mac OS Snow Leopard, still share this fundamental flaw. I think designers and engineers have long known… Read More

Poor attempt at a Not joke? I had a rough day, but I want to promptly document it for everyone’s benefit. Our story begins during late night hours, somewhere deep in the tough Ulduar area in World of Warcraft Instance. My computer suddenly hung, though mouse was still moving, which is highly unusual! After simple… Read More

My sister is just starting studies for Computer Sciences, and unlike what I remember from my days, in the first Intro course, they are trying to fill her head with nasty recursive algorithms. What gives? First, I want to hear from the community, who else thinks that studying recursive algorithms is a good introduction to… Read More