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First, this is a response to a blog post here (via Techmeme). If you are too lazy to read it, here’s an executive summary: Google is saying they will delete 2 years worth of email and all other Google Account data for 10 years old Alex (Who is naturally crying now). All because he is… Read More

I am excited, awestruck, humbled and overall happy and serene, all at once! What brought on these emotions is my first interaction with newest version of Google’s amazing Picasa product. But of course, it’s years of photos in my collection that bring on these wonderful memories, and combined with amazing new technology to present and… Read More

"We are boring people to death" – I believe is the exact quote from non other than Electronic Arts CEO. He was referring to the endless sequels to established games, which bring little more than shinier graphics and few more features. He has a point! Gaming companies need to get the ball rolling on more… Read More

I guess I walked into this one, who knew that this would be such popular topic on everyone’s mind 😉 Disclaimer: The discussion henceforth is purely theoretical in nature. I have been thinking lately about this whole Mistress as a concept. Especially after watching some good sexy yet mostly comic situations with mistresses in this… Read More