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I spent last two days working hard on setting my youngest son up with his own dedicated desktop PC. What is interesting, is that his prime gripe about his earlier system was that it couldn’t run Minecraft properly, especially with some add-ons! I really like to encourage less violent and more creative games and this… Read More

First, this is a response to a blog post here (via Techmeme). If you are too lazy to read it, here’s an executive summary: Google is saying they will delete 2 years worth of email and all other Google Account data for 10 years old Alex (Who is naturally crying now). All because he is… Read More

I am back from vacation, and it was very rejuvenating. To totally relax this time I spent few free minutes between activities on some casual gaming, mostly on Facebook and Steam. I have been a long fan of Steam, but the improvements in Facebook games were a surprise for me. I love how Steam lets… Read More

I am thrilled this weekend! Ecstatic! I have been looking for a knockoff or even this original classic game, for at least a year now, hoping to introduce my kids to it and have some fun playing together! This weekend I happen to visit the excellent Wikipedia page for this game, and noticed a link… Read More

Looking at this image from NYTimes this morning, it hit me that I already know and use the secret best-ever diet. This one is a sure-hit for 21 century and beyond. Here’s how it works – put yourself on scheduled meals, and of course try to keep them balanced. I don’t think you have to… Read More