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Although this post came about primarily to help my son learn Java, it still amazes me how many professional developers do not understand this basic premise in Java (Programming Language) even after working with it for Years. I am yet to find any Java book that opens with Big Chapter on this very critical topic,… Read More

Adobe Flash Platform got some bad press lately, and its exclusion from iPad is a major slap in the face to Adobe by Steve Jobs himself. Even though millions of sites out there (including this one) use Flash to liven up things and provide extra interactivity, Apple is willing to leave users to stare at… Read More

Yesterday I attended Google Application Engine Hackathon in Atlanta. I guess it’s the kind of thing that one could call Geeky Weekend Fun, programming all day, with like-minded folks, trying to create something. My application was a bit too ambitions, so it didn’t get finished, but I will get back to it in the coming… Read More

My sister is just starting studies for Computer Sciences, and unlike what I remember from my days, in the first Intro course, they are trying to fill her head with nasty recursive algorithms. What gives? First, I want to hear from the community, who else thinks that studying recursive algorithms is a good introduction to… Read More