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Few days ago, while driving, I heard about this new podcast that Jason Calacanis and friends have put together. Sounds rather interesting, learning more about the tough and exciting world of Startups and Ventures. Mind you, I know exact name of podcast, and even the short version #twist. So I searched on Google – Got… Read More

UPDATE (Jun 2009): Hulu.com took down most of these excellent movies, and replaced with (*expletive censored*). So I had to come up with a new list of recommendations. I just came across some excellent full length movies on Hulu, that appear to be available to everyone (in USA probably) completely free and legally! Here are… Read More

I hope you are checking out ‘Now Playing on My Netflix’ rubric on the right sidebar of my web site. Last week a movie Death at a Funeral was listed there, as it always shows the movies I have at home. That movie is Hilarious! British humor at it’s finest, we laughed to tears, virtually… Read More

I was wondering when PBS will jump on the web bandwagon and offer their shows on-demand via the Internet. I checked again today, and looks like their library is growing nicely. It used to be just one or two shows available last time I checked, but library is much bigger now. But, what was most… Read More

In light of most recent RIAA suicide attempt (which finally may be a successful one), I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell everyone about a great music site I discovered some time ago. Amie Street is an online marketplace of independent artists. It works as a massive self guiding social network, with… Read More