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Let me open by saying that these movies are a classic definition of Propaganda. They follow the tried and true model of massaging real facts to their own needs, and using strategic omissions or worse. That said, I have long wondered whether monetary system is the best way to organize Planet’s resources at this stage… Read More

Changing pace from negative Cyber-terror post, lets recapture our fun. Today’s video is not music video, nor is it anyone playing at the beach. It is very informative 8 minutes or so video, helping to explain the intricacies of Financial Markets Turmoil that occurred recently, including the infamous Sub-Prime Lending fiasco. British humor at it’s… Read More

I have been waiting too long! Welcome, everyone, to the Digital Music age! What, I missed the revolution? Not at all. I refused to purchase music that was locked into single platform and DRM‘d to death. Why would I pay for a song, only to end up not being able to listen to it on… Read More

  We have been eBay patrons for many many years, probably almost since it’s inception. But lately, it seems to become more and more of a wild west and less and less of organized trusted marketplace. Check out this latest example of an auction. Could this be an antique sold by resident of last century?… Read More

I decided to give Prosper.com a try about a month ago (read my original thoughts on that), and today came across an interesting listing from our brave soldier currently deployed. I do hope, for his sake, that the listing’s photo is real and of his own financial accounts. However, the most interesting thing must be… Read More