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Yes, there, I am out in the open now, ready to admit it. For the longest time I’ve been watching Netbooks, saying to myself – it’s really a useless toy, why spend money even? Sure you could check your email on the tiny screen, but can you play online video from YouTube or Hulu? Well,… Read More

I was wondering when PBS will jump on the web bandwagon and offer their shows on-demand via the Internet. I checked again today, and looks like their library is growing nicely. It used to be just one or two shows available last time I checked, but library is much bigger now. But, what was most… Read More

Welcome to 2008! I am not into putting together "year end review" of 2007, like some other bloggers, and I especially don’t like all the posts on New Year Resolutions for 2008. One of the late lessons you learn in life is that when you Talk about doing something in the future, and you keep… Read More