Tag: Weekend Fun

This one is definitely filed away under Weekend Fun! Kudos to Mozilla foundation, though a bit sad that it doesn’t play on iPad (and some other browsers) yet. The brilliance of the BrowserQuest is not just in it’s grand fun gameplay, but also that it is truly and completely open-source! After my son played through… Read More

I am thrilled this weekend! Ecstatic! I have been looking for a knockoff or even this original classic game, for at least a year now, hoping to introduce my kids to it and have some fun playing together! This weekend I happen to visit the excellent Wikipedia page for this game, and noticed a link… Read More

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo Be sure to click through to Vimeo to watch in HD (if your connection allows). Also, for the record, I love this music and the whole thing is excellent! Warning: Rated PG-13 (by me) for some Violence and a bit Gore

Looks like it takes a good game for people to start talking Tablet PC again. And this game does appear to be good clean geeky fun! The game is called Crayon Physics Deluxe, but it is not ready just yet, apparently. I’ve also been thinking lately about the convergence of TV and Internet. We all… Read More

"We are boring people to death" – I believe is the exact quote from non other than Electronic Arts CEO. He was referring to the endless sequels to established games, which bring little more than shinier graphics and few more features. He has a point! Gaming companies need to get the ball rolling on more… Read More