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It was really straight forward to setup side-by-side Windows 7 and Vista on the same computer, simply put them on separate hard-drives (either physical or separate partitions). Installation was no troubles, and I was happily booting between them back and forth as needed, until I hit a snag last night, MAJOR SNAG!!! I guess Vista… Read More

Poor attempt at a Not joke? I had a rough day, but I want to promptly document it for everyone’s benefit. Our story begins during late night hours, somewhere deep in the tough Ulduar area in World of Warcraft Instance. My computer suddenly hung, though mouse was still moving, which is highly unusual! After simple… Read More

Having realized that this is a post number 100, I had very hard time to decide what to blog about to make it “special”. So instead, I decided to blog about Nothing (in particular)! Finished installing new router last night, picked up Linksys WRT360N for cheap at Newegg.com (they’re great!). Was overdue for a new… Read More

Apologies to all my International blog readers. This is an official Simpsons episode, and I think it only is watchable inside the US right now. I am certain if you do a quick YouTube search, or Veoh, etc, you will find another openly available copy. So, are you a PC? I am, though I own… Read More

Despite the long title, I’ll try to keep this post short. I had two completely opposite experiences with Windows Vista today. First, I don’t think people realize how handy Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is. And now that Microsoft made it officially free, there is absolutely no reason not to install it on your Vista! So… Read More