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Today we watched opening ceremony in HD on our big screen. A day late, but I prefer to watch things on my own schedule, even sporting events! The ceremony was Inspiring, especially in all the High Definition glory on the wall. You will need specific setup, to bring the best quality available Olympic coverage to… Read More

An important announcement from Microsoft, something called Mesh, is happening tonight at Midnight eastern time. I am into guessing game, again, mostly because it is fun, but also because in a funny coincidence, I left a rather long rant at Yahoo’s own Jeremy Zawodny’s blog. What started as a short comment, turned into longer and… Read More

Yesterday Scobleizer reminded me about the whole Mac versus Vista debate, with his post about Vista on Dell’s Tablet. It seems not only Robert is having that issue, here is an Attorney with similar complaint: … another reason why I prefer Apple computers. Mac laptops sleep when you close the lid and wake up instantly… Read More

I am continuing to encounter strange Adobe Flash problems in Internet Explorer 7. We have a bunch of PCs here at home, and after upgrade to IE7 several had broken Flash. I had to search all other the web and try many different things before fixing it. Few days ago I noticed that Adobe Flash… Read More

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that Cyber Terrorism has won. It has all of us running scared, increasingly not trusting our own PCs, we are afraid to visit even secure bank web sites, and overall don’t trust the Internet. Today I was trying to get ToonTown going on an old laptop. Actually, it… Read More