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Word gets around on Internet quickly, but apparently not quickly enough for me. I do recall noticing somewhere a word about small security breach in WordPress 2.8.2 few days ago, but it wasn’t clear to me that all earlier WordPress versions were affected, so I did not rush and act right away. Big mistake, after… Read More

Having realized that this is a post number 100, I had very hard time to decide what to blog about to make it “special”. So instead, I decided to blog about Nothing (in particular)! Finished installing new router last night, picked up Linksys WRT360N for cheap at Newegg.com (they’re great!). Was overdue for a new… Read More

This my first post from an iPhone 3G. I am practicing typing with both hands and it is working pretty well, surprisingly so! For small posts on the go this is awesome! Now, I wonder if I can add photo on this thing? Also, anyone knows good IM clients for iPhone? The dark side got… Read More