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I was going to write some cheesy commentary about how nVidia should branch into making computer CPUs, and finally be bought by Intel, or die out altogether. Coupled with some analysis into the future of multi-core systems and the many cores it takes to run today’s 3D applications, games, OS, and what not. But seriously,… Read More

Granted, this post is a bit early, I’ve only been using Vista on the my new PC for about a week and a half, but I just had to blog about it! So far it’s been fantastic! I want to start off with a short list of pointers that may help you with your Vista… Read More

So, most of you are wondering where is it I disappeared to, for the last few days. Over the labor day weekend I was learning to fly, of course! Actually, at first I just decided to make a push as soon as I hit level 67, to reach 68 in record time. You see, level… Read More