I decided to give Prosper.com a try about a month ago (read my original thoughts on that), and today came across an interesting listing from our brave soldier currently deployed.

I do hope, for his sake, that the listing’s photo is real and of his own financial accounts. However, the most interesting thing must be the Questions and Answers section of the listing. When asked, out of genuine concern from Prosper investors about being repaid in case of his fatality in a dangerous deployment, the answer was:

No I am not in a “safe” area. But to compare the odds of me dying here lets look at statistics. There is no traffic where I am at. So if you live in the states YOU have a MUCH higher chance of dying in an accident than me dying here in Iraq. (Aug-02-2007)

Hmm, no traffic, you say? Who knew that we are in the danger zone here while Iraq is all around safe place to be, eh?

Looks like other Prosper lenders have no argument with this rock solid logic, since there are no further follow up questions and his listing is getting fully funded any minute now.

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